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How well does your life fit around you?

Homoeopathic treatment acts as a catalyst that prompts the natural healing systems of your body toward restoration, health and balance.

Can't get past that big life changing event that happened years ago?

Use Homoeopathy to help transform your life and move ahead.

Always run down with nagging illness, respiratory/sinus problems, headaches, gastric upsets?

Break the cycle with Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic treatment acts as a catalyst that prompts the natural healing systems of the body toward restoration, health and balance.  The idea of treating the patient as a whole has come to the fore in the last couple of decades, despite this, conventional medicine is becoming increasingly specialised. This has resulted in fewer patients having their whole symptom picture treated.


At Katoomba Homoeopathy we treat the whole person by taking into account the 'totality of symptoms' thereby individualising each  prescription.


Most common disease states have symptoms that are quite well defined, however there is often variation in the locality, character and severity of these symptoms; in fact no two disease states are ever the same! They vary from case to case, and are unique to that person. There are also differences in the mental and emotional states expressed by patients with the same 'disease'.

Peter Martiensen is a Homoeopathic Practitioner with over 30 years experience. Using these guidelines Peter questions the patient carefully about their particular disease state and records the 'totality of symptoms'. He is then able to identify the correct remedy for that individual by finding a medicine with a symptom picture that corresponds most accurately with the 'totality of symptoms'.


Conditions Treated

Homoeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for disease states in babies, children, teenagers, pregnancy, adults and the elderly as well as family pets and animals.

In first-aid situations Homoeopathy can be particularly effective and fast acting, either as a primary method of treatment or as a support to conventional treatment. Common acute illness like colds and influenza, headaches, childrens’ diseases and acute gastro-intestinal problems also respond well.

Generally speaking the more chronic a condition is, the longer the period of Homoeopathic treatment will need to be. Disease states where there has been pathological change such as advanced osteoarthritis are difficult to cure and only palliation may be possible.

Homoeopathy treats a wide spectrum of chronic disease states such as allergies, anxiety, asthma and respiratory problems, behavioural difficulties, digestive problems, genito-urinary disorders, gynaecological conditions, psychological and emotional issues including grief and its many manifestations, rheumatic disease and skin affections and conditions. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

"Peter is passionate and committed to his profession.  Homoeopathy has helped me accept huge imposed changes that had previously threatened to overwhelm me.  I cope a lot better and feel my balance has been restored!"

Jackie, Admin Manager, Sydney.

"I tried to work out what was different and then I realised my stomach had finally come good.  I don't know how it worked, but it did!"

Bill, Publican

"Homoeopathy assisted me to transform my negative attitudes to find greater self confidence.  I am now approaching life with more balance and wisdom and have the patience and persistence to help me live life the way I want."

Sophie, Lawyer

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